Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences of a woman’s life, and when my good friend Ayesha fell pregnant I couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a unique photo series centered around her during this time!

We shot this sun-soaked pastel photo series in three parts. At 20 weeks, again at 30 weeks, and then… beautiful baby Benjamin at 40 weeks!

Big props to Ayesha for being such a wonderful, agreeable and CONFIDENT woman during these shoots. We shot everything outdoors, early in the morning, mostly in public places and… she was only in a swimsuit! Eeep! The ask wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad we got to capture her experience in such a fun and creative way.

PS: Thanks for going down this crazy road with me Ayesha, I know at times it took all you had to get out there in front of the camera ♥ You’re goddamn amazing!

Here we go!

————– 20 WEEKS ————–


————– 30 WEEKS ————–

————– 40 WEEKS ————–
(AKA. Benjamin’s here!!)

Because I love knowing locations, and maybe you do too!

Pink wall: Paul Smith, Los Angeles
Lake: Hansen Dam Recreation Center
Yellow wall: Art District, Downtown Los Angeles
Pool: My amazing friend Jose’s place!
Blue wall: Not actually a wall, just piece of blue card!